I try not to attempt to define or explain healing Reiki energy and how it works because I am sure that it is meant to be discovered and known through experience and that words could never do it justice.

That being said I strongly believe that Reiki is for all living beings of which humans and our animal friends are part. It can help us all to improve our physical and emotional well-being or guide us to what we need in our lives to create that which we truly desire. If you are drawn to experience Reiki then I have confidence that Reiki is for you and its presence in your life will be pivotal for whatever it is you seek.

I have extracted an interesting explanation from Torsten A. Lange’s book “Reiki, Heal Your Body and Your Life with the Power of Universal Energy” which explains a little of his understanding of the holistic approach taken by Reiki.

“Healing on different levels

With regards to Reiki, four levels of healing are commonly distinguished:

  • Physical: Anything to do with the body (our own and those of others)
  • Emotional: How we react to and deal with our experiences (both consciously and subconsciously)
  • Mental: Our attitudes and thought patterns (decisions, directions and lifestyle choices).
  • Spiritual: The bigger picture (finding meaning, acceptance and – possibly the most difficult thing of all – forgiveness)

I would like to add a fifth (very practical) level: life circumstances (through unexpected changes or out-of-the-blue encounters, often summed up as synchronicity).

In many, if not most cases, the levels are interconnected. For instance, a physical problem (a painful knee) may have been caused by another physical problem (a twisted ankle that affected the balance of the knee). Physical problems can also affect our emotions (I am depressed because my painful knee keeps me from walking in the sunshine) or vice versa (I am sad and my body posture reflects this leading to tension and headaches). The body-mind connection has been the subject of much research recently, including into the healing effects of positive thinking and the dangerous effects of stress.

For Reiki, this means there’s often more behind a symptom than meets the eye and we need to stay open to the possibility of healing on more than one level.”

Lange, Torsten. A “Reiki Heal Your Body and Your Life with the Power of Universal Energy” Hay House Publications, London 2015 p. 43 available at Amazon and other booksellers.

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