What to expect

During a Reiki session you will lay down – or sit – fully dressed. The session will last between 40 mins and 1 hour during which I will connect to Reiki and place my hands on or over your body. Reiki can be experienced as a flow of energy, frequently people report feeling heat, tingling or coolness and more often or not deep meditative states of relaxation.

After a Reiki treatment most people feel relaxed and at peace.

You may feel sleepy, equally, you may feel full of energy.

Reiki can clear away old emotions and experiences we no longer need to carry with us as part of the healing process. Occasionally some symptoms may appear to worsen temporarily before they get better or emotions say one last “farewell” as they clear themselves away.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water after a treatment and I always love to rest and allow the healing process to continue for as long possible. I always recommend eating nourishing and healthy food.

Although Reiki is no substitute for medical care, there are no known contra-indications and it can therefore be given to everybody, including the elderly, pregnant women and babies.

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